Fotobook Festival Oslo 2019

Lecture based on  As I Wander Through the Park at the seminar Fixed on Reality – History Shaped in the Present and participation in photobook exhibition.  


Fixed on Reality, the main exhibition at Fotobokfestival Oslo 2019, shows works of artists who have published a significant photobook in recent years with a clear political, cultural or personal statement. This year's edition hosts Rona Yefman, Rafał Milach and Aaron Schuman; each of the artists will present a commissioned show in a designated container. Altering the viewpoint on established reality reveals that sociopolitical reality is not fixed, but can seemingly be changed or influenced. Hence there is not one unassailable view of the world we live in. The selected photobooks tell us that reality is not fixed; it is co-created.

Alongside the exhibition, a seminar will be held with the title Fixed on Reality – History Shaped in the Present. The seminar will take place across two afternoons at Kulturhuset and will feature photographers and practitioners from other academic fields who have been invited to take part in the discussion.

Curated by Christina Leithe Hansen. Co-curator Zofia Cielatkowska.