Decenter II - performance

2017. Photography, text and music. Installation view, Kunsthal 44Møen, DK.

As I Wander Through the Park

2016. Artist book. 176 pages. Danish/English. Published by Space Poetry. ISBN: 978-87-7603-178-7.

Decenter II - the movie

2015/2010. HD Video, photography and archival material. Installation view, Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, DK

Decenter II - in the park

2010. Site specific project - a living workshop. Part of TUMULT - A Public Art Festival, DK.

Decenter I

2009. Slide installation, found photography and newspapers. Installation view, Kunsthal Nord, Aalborg, DK.

Notes on the Most Beautiful

2011. Photography and text. Installation view: The 6th Momentum Biennial, NO.

Park Study Paris - Cairo

2013. Collages made from found images and a text book. Installation view, Fotografisk Center, Copenhagen.

Fragments and Rearrangements

2013. Photography. Installation view: Gallery Breadfield, Malmoe, SE.

Places in the Dark

2013. Photography, text and site specifik installation. Installation view: The public library of Vanløse Kulturstation, Copenhagen, DK

Traces, Places and Detours

2010. Digital slide installation with sound. Installation view: Overgaden, Institute for Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, DK.

Free Speech on Wheels

2006/07. Photography and site specific project - intervention in public space, Los Angeles, US.

Writing Space

2008. Photography and text. Installation view: Soegne Art Center, Soegne, NO

A Defense Against What?

2005. Photography and installation. Installation view: Gallery Peep, Malmö, SE.

Bodies Without

2005. Drawn text pieces and installation. Installation view: Peep Gallery, Malmö, SE.

Danish Dreadheads

2002. Video. Installation, Senko Studio, Viborg, DK.