Writing Space consists of photos of places in Copenhagen where graffiti enters into a dialog with the surrounding architecture. The photos are taken during the night and the places are empty of people, like stages where potential narratives could unfold.

Juxtaposed with the photos short stories are presented. Each story tells about a group of young women who do graffiti in Copenhagen during the night. The stories describe the girls' movements around the city, movements driven by coincidence and desire, interaction amongst themselves and with those they meet.

Writing Space


7 photographs, each 80 x 100 cm. Lamda print, mounted on aluminium.
5 text prints, mounted on the wall

Exhibited at:
Soegne Art Center, Soegne, NO.
The White Tube, Tøyen T-banestasjon, Oslo, NO.

Supported by
The Danish Arts Council, Soegne Council and Culture Nordic Point.