I was invited to do a site specific project in Vanløse - a suburb area in Copenhagen- that dealt with the concept of mapping. I decided to ask six very different residents of Vanløse the question "Can you point out a place in Vanløse where darkness is justified?" Subsequently, I visited the places after dark and interpreted the descriptions of the six different places with my analog camera.

The final installation is at the Vanløse public library. By using the library´s large windows as a way to play with the front and backside of the framed photographs, I intend in a playful way to identify the importance of darkness as a source of poetry , mystery and intimacy rather than insecurity - in the city as well as in the photograph.

Places in the Dark / Steder i Mørket


Site specifik work and installation at the public library of Vanløse Kulturstation, Copenhagen, DK

Six photographs, each 66 x 76 cm, framed without glass. Text on the backside of each photograph, varied sizes.

Shelving system: six shelves, Dienensen douglas, each 180 cm wide, varied heights