This workshop is about questioning the role of visual arts and the arts educations by imagining future art schools. No education is neutral, no knowledge is objective or a commodity and everyone has the right to share his or her knowledge. Inspired by a variety of experimental approaches to art education since the 60s influenced by holism, feminism and student-led learning, the students discuss and raise thoughts and ideas through collective processes. At the end of the workshop, a selection of ideas and statements will be translated into posters that will be exhibited.

The three-day workshop was conducted in collaboration with Astrid Winsløw Hammer in 2012-14.


Skolen for Kunst og Design Holstebro, Denmark (11-2014)

BGK Esbjerg, Denmark (05-2014)

BgK Storstrøm, Vordingborg (11-2013)

BGK Midt & Vest, Roskilde, Denmark (10-2013)

Overgaden Institut for Samtidskunst, Copenhagen, Denmark (08-2012)